And the winner is …

Ethridge advisory claims Frosh Cup


Josie Lamb, Gazebo Staff Writer

After three long rounds of fighting for points, the Frosh Cup has finally come to an end.

Coach Ross Bridges announced the winners and runner-ups at Monday’s assembly.

Mr. Griff Ethridge’s home room was awarded with first place, and the advisory of Ms. Anastasia Fink finished second. The home room of Mrs. Susan Lolis was third, the advisory of Mr. Brian Wells was fourth, and the class of Dr. Frank Katz brought up the rear.

Winning the Frosh Cup wasn’t difficult for Ethridge’s advisory. They kept a strong lead throughout the entire competition. Most of their points were gained in the first round from the freshmen retreat and winning retreat PowerPoint.

One student in the Lolis advisory was also excited about the result of the Frosh Cup, despite finishing third.

“I was surprised we came in third, but super happy considering we were in dead last at the beginning,” said Ellen Adams.

Although Katz’s homeroom finished in last place, they still had a fun experience and accepted their loss.

“Last in the Frosh Cup, but No. 1 in our hearts,” said Matt Newberry.