Closing night surprises director Haynie

Cameron Walsh

Carly Wanna, Gazebo Editor

Closing night of the winter musical typically honors the seniors, whether they have been in every show since kindergarden or have just stepped on stage for their first play. Typically, the seniors in turn thank Ms. Sylvia Haynie, Ms. Laura Voss, and the other faculty members who make the show possible. Typically, everybody then goes home.

Last night was not typical.

The seniors were recognized. Ms. Haynie and Ms. Laura Voss were thanked. Everybody was prepared to exit when the screen above the stage slowly descended from the ceiling.

“Why is that doing that?” said Haynie, bewildered by a moment she did not direct.

Cameron Walsh, drama club president, stepped forward in honor of not only the seniors but also every student who has ever participated in theatre. A video broadcast onto the screen, and Walsh explained the spectacle: she and a number of students had been working for months to compile footage for a dedication video for Haynie. The video was submitted to the Tony’s to nominate the theatre director for the Excellence in Theatre Education Award.

Naturally, the cast had already been reduced to tears following the last performance, but the tender video forced emotions to a peak as the auditorium celebrated Ms. Haynie.