Beta Club inducts 32 members in newest class


Gazebo Photo by Hannah Lovett

McKay Powers and Bobby McCord were two of 25 sophomores to be inducted into the Beta Club.

The new Beta Club inductees of 2017 was announced during a Monday assembly.

The 25  new inductees from the sophomore class were Carter Atkinson, Samantha Atkinson, Gracie Bell, Lucas Brewer, Vivian Duong, Luke Haney, Ashlin Jackson, Benjami Jorgensen, Bobby McCord, Kenzie Muenzer, Hadley Neal, Kaitlyn Neel, Sai Pagadala, Anna Parel, Chandani Patel, Rushabh Patel, McKay Powers, Holland Schell, Zuna Shabbir, Jonathan Siegal, Alex Stefanis, Marta Stevenson, Mary Lynes Sutton, McKinley Thompson and Li-An Tsai.

Eliza Freedman, Michael Hicks and Emily Sheridan were inducted from the junior class. Jensen Bowden, Riley Grossnickle, Claire Rinehart and Annabelle Tomlin were the senior inductees.

The National Honorary Beta Club was organized so students achievement and effort could be reworded and encouraged. Membership in the Stratford Beta Club is a privilege. The qualifications are  worthy character, good mentality, creditable attitude, and a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher.