More than 40 students gather in Mr. Phil Nicodemo’s room for a Friday afternoon dissection.

(L-R) Lucy Boswell, Price Lee, Susan Hightower and Julianna Hightower take part in the “Great Shark Dissection.”

Taylor Swan and Josie Lamb

A shark dissection was held Friday afternoon in Biology teacher Mr. Phil Nicodemo’s classroom in the Science building. 

Nicodemo ordered 22 sharks for the dissection, and about 40 students signed up to attend. Small groups and sets of partners were assigned to each shark. He chose sharks because their anatomy is simpler than most other animals, making the dissection easier to understand.

Mr. Nicodemo’s main skill is dissecting vertebrate anatomy. He wanted to share knowledge and get students interested in medicine.

He said students “need to know anatomy and get an early start at developing their understanding.”