Classics Club finishes fourth overall at LatinCon convention


Stratford sent 28 students to  the GJCL’s state Latin Convention, also known as LatinCon, the weekend of April 21.

It is the second consecutive year Stratford students have attended the convention at Rock Eagle.

There were 35 schools from across the state. Stratford placed fourth overall in the medium school division, which included 17 schools. 

Team Awards

Open Certamen (5th Place) — Manasa Vemuri, Sai Pagadala, Rosalee Spivey, Kenzie Muenzer

Girls’ Chariot (5th Place) — Meredith Fuchs, Morgan Mathis, Carlin Weinberg, Ellie Wangerin, Nathan Dummitt

Boys’ Chariot (5th Place) — Stephen Durso, Mark Barrow, Preston Kennedy, Thomas Thwaite, Tripp Vaughn, Rosalee Spivey

Individual Awards

Middle School

Gavin Martin — 1st in Softball Throw Junior Division, 2nd in Fricus Junior Division, 3rd Overall in Convention Olympika Points

Rohan Patel — 3rd on The Roman Daily Life Exam

Nathan Dummitt — 5th in Distance Run Junior Division

Upper School

Carlin Weinberg — 2nd in Medium Sized Models

Riley Davis — 3rd in Modern Myth Creative Writing

Grace Deedrick — 2nd in Vocal Latin Performance, That’s Entertainment Finalist

Meredith Fuchs — 1st in Mosaics

Carson Greene — 4th in Latin Oratory,  4th on the Greek History and Culture Exam,  5th on the Roman History Exam

Morgan Mathis — 1st in Large Scale Models., 3rd in Softball Throw Senior Division

Isabel McSwain — That’s Entertainment Finalist

Kenzie Muenzer — 1st in Female Costume Senior Division

Shawn Shivdat — 1st on the Reading Comprehension Prose Exam,  2nd on the Reading Comprehension Poetry Exam

Rosalee Spivey — 5th in Greeting Cards

Tripp Vaughn — 4th on the Ancient Geography Exam

Manasa Vemuri — 4th in Medium Scale Models