It’s all downhill for students on Roller Coaster Day

Students in Mrs. Melissa Smith’s eighth-grade science classes had their annual Roller Coaster presentations

Each year, the eighth-graders build paper roller coasters in Mrs. Melissa Smith’s science class as a final project. To go along with their unit and project, they recently went on a field trip to Six Flags Over Georgia.

The students are grouped together, choose a theme, and are assigned to build “roller coasters,” only out of paper and tape. They are given a certain amount of time to construct their roller coaster. A marble must be able to successfully go down each of the two required tracks. There is also a final presentation and that gives the students an opportunity to display their coasters to the whole school.

“This project blows my mind every year,” Mrs. Smith said. This group especially, they have worked so hard and created some of the best coasters I have ever seen. This project isn’t about just building coasters. They really get to focus on collaboration, problem solving and teamwork. It is also a great day for the whole school to come together and to celebrate our community.”