Grady gets a new floor


Over the summer, Stratford brought the old Grady floor back to life with a little TLC. 

Work on the floor began in May and was completed in  July. 

“The floor had sustained water damage which resulted in a section of wood being cut out to identify how serious the damage was,’’ Athletic Director Mark Farriba said.

Although the old floor was not totally replaced, it was sanded down completely, stripping it of paint and clear coat. Stratford decided it was time to spice it up a bit with a new paint scheme that matched newly replaced bleachers. 

Replenishing of the floor was supported by Stratford’s Booster Club 

Some benefits of wooden courts over rubber or concrete courts include better lighting for the gym since the light reflects off a newer surface and shock absorption which makes it easier on athletes’ bodies. 

“I love it,’’ senior basketball player Isiah Josey said. “It’s new and I love the pattern they put on the floor for the different style.”