What Cheese Means to Me


Cheese is something that you may put on your salad or your pasta, but for me it is also what I choose to name my playlists.

I always have enjoyed making different playlists, and for about a year now, I have named my playlists after different kinds of cheeses and other dairy products.

The original cheese-themed song collection was named ‘cheese.’ I came up with the idea because the playlist was meant to be songs that made me happy. I wanted to come up with something other than ‘happy’ for the name, so then I thought of ‘say cheese,’ as in when someone is asking you to smile.

Then, I decided to shorten it to just ‘cheese’ because it seemed more comical and more like myself.

From there, I have made ‘cheddar,’ which I named because it is a playlist with a mix of random songs and cheddar is a cheese that you put on random foods. 

I also have ‘goat cheese,’ for songs to make me feel hype or like the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All-Time); ‘Colby Jack,’ for my country playlist because the name sounds country; ‘butter,’ for my comfort songs playlist because butter is a comfort food and comforting word; ‘parmesan,’ for my love songs because parmesan is my favorite cheese; and ‘feta cheese,’ for a collaborative playlist I made with my friends for prom because feta is a fun cheese that is made up of clumps and the playlist is made from many people for a fun time. 

I also plan to make a ‘blue cheese’ playlist in the future, for when I am feeling blue or sad, and also a playlist for my drive to school called ‘milk’ because milk reminds me of a school cafeteria.

Overall, I enjoy naming my playlists after dairy products because it is unique, funny, organized, and allows me to easily find a new playlist name.