Living in a ‘house divided’

Display in windows of Chick-fil-A restaurant on Zebulon Road. (Photo by MAGGIE GREER)

It’s Monday morning, and I am headed to school. I am so close I can almost hear people getting “dress-coded.’’

But then something happens. Instead of a straight shot down Tucker Road, I am riding along Calvin Drive on the way to First Presbyterian Day School.

Hadley Neal
Hadley Neal

This may seem like a strange arrangement to some, but not to me. This is an everyday occurrence in my household.I live in a house divided.My older sister, Georgia, transferred from Stratford to FPD after the seventh grade, and she graduated in 2012. More recently, my younger brother, Guy,  switched from Stratford before the sixth grade. My younger sister, Tallulah,  switched before the third grade. (She’s now at Springdale.)

I am the only one still at Stratford, although my family has had me shadow at FPD twice.

My older sister was at FPD before they moved to the Georgia High School Association, and I remember getting into trash-talk fights with her when I was 5 years old. 
 It’s the same thing with my brother, now that the rivalry game is this week. At my house, sports stats are shot like machine-gun bullets.

Another kind of annoying thing is my brother is the FPD middle school pep club president, so I always — and I mean always — hear their cheers.

Yes, it does get tiring having to listen to how much “better’’ the Vikings are than the Eagles. (Not true.)

And I don’t like hearing their version of our alma mater screamed in my face every day.

Hadley Neal is a freshman and in her first year on The Gazebo staff.