‘There never was a time when she was not wagging her tail’

I miss my dog Maegas. 

She was a bullmastiff. Shepassed away unexpectedly of a heart attack. She died 10 days before Christmas at age 5. She would have turned 6 on January  23. 

We got Maegas because my dad wanted to get a new dog,  but he also wanted to take a trip with his friends to Las Vegas. My mom said he could only pick one, so he decided to get a dog.

She got the name “Maegas” because my dad did not take the trip to Vegas, and he wanted to name her “Vegas” after his trip. We all agreed on the name, but there was one problem. My brother, Forest, who was 5 at the time, could not pronounce Vegas. He kept saying Maegas.

We decided Maegas was a different name, but we liked the name, so it stuck. Maegas was a very loving and protective dog. The only thing we were worried about when we got her was how would our other dog, Jessie, would react. 

Jessie was accustomed  to being the center of attention, so at first she was confused, but then she liked Maegas. Jessie and Maegas would have their times where they did not like each other.  If Maegas got in Jessie’s personal space, Jessie would growl at her. After Maegas passed away, it was very difficult for Jessie because whenever we weren’t home, Maegas was there with her

When we would go on trips, we would take them to the pet shelter and they shared a kennel. Now, Jessie has to go alone.. I miss many things about Maegas. One is whenever I would come home, she always was there waiting for me every day. I also miss those times whenever I would see her, she always would be wagging her tail.

There never was a time when she was not wagging her tail.