Which is more important? What you say or how you say it?


What people say is important because words have always been important.

The context of words is analyzed a lot in various ways, showing that the way people say something can be taken in many ways.

No one can see the visual aspects either, like when you can see a person’s reaction or tell they are lying by their eyes. Texting inhibits the ability to see reactions, and all you get a response. 

Personally, I used to like texting in all caps at certain times when I did not realize it looked like I was yelling. One day I typed in all CAPS to my best friend and she did not respond or talk to me for days.

I finally realized my mistake and now will never text in all caps unless you can clearly tell I was not mad. 

I personally have thought people are trying to be rude, and they truly are not, but I can’t hear them say it on text or Snapchat. 

No one truly knows the tone of anyone’s voice when writing, but they also could lie if you ask. 

What people say is very important to everyone’s lives in many ways because as writing expands many more contexts have been created for different words.