Pet Peeves? I definitely have a few


I have a couple of pet peeves. Some include, when people whistle, lie, walk/drive slowly in front of me, and make spit bubbles with their mouths. 

Ever since I can remember, my dad has whistled. 

He has done it so much I have developed a strong hatred. It drives me crazy hearing the little noise. I also do not like when people lie.

 No one enjoys being lied to, but for me it really bothers me. I will never understand why people lie. Example of a time when you were hurt by a lie

If you are about to do something that you will have to lie about then just do not do it, it is not that hard or do it and just do not care what others will think. 

It really is not that difficult. 

It also enrages me when some people drive/walk slowly in front of me. If you are not matching my speed then move, so I can go around you. Especially if you are going under the speed limit. 

I also hate when people make spit bubbles with their months. That is so gross and makes my skin crawl. 

I hate it so much. If you still do that at the age of 17 then you probably have a lot of growing up to do. 

I have a couple pet peeves that bother me, but I know I definitely probably do things that annoy people too.