Seniors give advice to freshmen class: Chill out, make memories

By DEEP PATEL, Gazebo Assistant Editor

Some Stratford seniors have daunting memories of their freshmen year.

Conner Hefner (1)
Conner Hefner

They recall worrying about how they would fit in or make new friends. They fretted over what sports to play or clubs they should join, all while trying to maintain solid grades.

Senior Conner Hefner has some advice for this year’s ninth-graders.

“Don’t stress out,” she said. Everything will be OK. Have fun and enjoy high school because you’ll be a senior before you know it.

Thomas Slocumb (1)
Thomas Slocumb

That was the overlying message by many in the Class of 2016.

“Yes, your senior year may seem like it’s a million years away, but it isn’t,” said senior Thomas Slocumb.

Jackson Pyles (1)
Jackson Pyles

“As someone who has gone through high school, trust me, try hard to not be cool,’’ he said. “All the typical high school advice is true, but most people fail to realize it until their senior year.

Again, be yourself, and realize that under all the stress and hard work are times you’ll never forget.”

Another senior, Jackson Pyles, advises freshmen to “take all of your classes seriously, but not too seriously that they cause unneeded stress because it is just one year, and it won’t single handedly keep you from college.”

Elizabeth Copelan
Elizabeth Copelan

Senior Elizabeth Copelan said ninth-grade students must not “think of high school year as middle school because it’s not.”

She said to have fun, of course, because the four years will fly by.

“High school rocks,’’ she said. “So take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.’’