New college counselor reassures seniors: ‘It’s going to be OK’

Mrs. Jackie Guy brings wealth of experience, good vibes


College counselor Mrs. Jackie Guy stays busy in her office

She sits for hours at her desk each school day, replying to a plethora of emails and answering multiple phone calls. 

But the frequency of her messages doesn’t come close to the number of anxious seniors new college counselor, Mrs. Jackie Guy, deals with every day.

Mrs. Jackie Guy grew up in Madison, Georgia and went to high school at Rutledge Academy. Her class of only 25 students, was the largest class to have graduated from her school.

Stratford is the fourth private school in Middle Georgia where Mrs. Guy has worked. She began her career as a college counselor at Monroe Academy in 1999.  She took time off to raise her children, Bond Almand and Fletcher Almand. Bond is a senior at Stratford, and Fletcher is in the fifth grade.

It’s our job to assure them that it’s going to be OK. And it always is.

— Mrs. Jackie Guy

“This is the first time, in six years, that I’ve gotten to be with both of my sons,” Mrs. Guy said. “We all get to be Eagles this year!”

She later worked as a college counselor at Windsor Academy for seven years. Then, she transferred to the Westfield School in Perry, Georgia, to counsel there for three years before coming to Stratford after longtime college counselor, Mrs. Martha Eubanks, retired at the end of last year.

When asked about the 2020-2021 college application process, Mrs. Guy replied with, “Well, that’s a loaded question!” And rightfully so. In simpler terms, the University System of Georgia has gone test optional. 

“That’s a tricky thing,” Mrs. Guy said. 

Although students aren’t obligated to take the ACT or SAT, these tests are still beneficial to those students who perform well and receive high scores. But the applications of students who do not take the ACT or SAT, will still be reviewed.  Mrs. Guy also said that the HOPE scholarship has made in-state applications more competitive. 

“Now it’s such a bargain to stay in-state, so top students are competing for in-state schools,” she said. “Standards have risen for in-state schools in Georgia.”

Upper School Counselor Mrs. Alex Minor, assists Mrs. Guy in the college office. Mrs. Guy noted that the stress of seniors she and Mrs. Minor deal with, varies from student to student.

“It’s our job to assure them that it’s going to be OK. And it always is.”

The college office is  looking forward to helping seniors with college matriculation and they’re both excited for the year ahead.

During her free time, Mrs. Guy loves to travel, go on walks, read, and shop.