Who’s with Who? Date wall for Sadie Hawkins Dance


Gazebo Photo by Elizabeth Sellers

Senior Holly Hint signs up for the date wall

Sadie Hawkins is a dance where the girls ask the boys. This year, Sadies will be held at the Sports Hall of Fame on February 1 from 8-10:30 pm.

The theme this year will be Mardi Gras. The date walls will be taken down on Friday the 24th. Here is a list of the date walls so far.


Molly Garud and James Ives

Abby Ellison and Jack Medlin

Anna Grace Grossnnickle and Andrew Delves

Lucy Boswell and Grey Faulkner 

Liza Boswell and Matt Newberry

Price Lee and Samuel Barrow

Sophie Denisar and Kieran MacKinnon

Sara Kate Durkee and Nate Jones

Ben Duke  and Lauren McElrath

Riley Davis and Hampton Tiller

Nadia Reese and Tyrek Strange

Maya Rubenstein and Jacob Safier

Hannah Lovett and Fincher Davis 

Susan Hightower and Knox Cleveland

Christian Grosselle and Annika Brooks

Josie Lamb and Ben Jamison

Taylor Swan and John Thomas Carter

Mary Elaine Mitchell and Graham Hefner

Carter Barfield and Isabella Scott

Elizabeth Sellers and John Bickley

Holly Hunt and Ashton Chambers


Lolly McMahon and Jack Hardy

Lila McCord and Luke Dasher

Hailey Firlotte and AJ Stevenson

Carter Nystrom and Claudia Pope

James Micheal Reeves and Sophie Waldrop

Kendall Simmons and Stetson Hatcher

Caroline Sutherland and William McCormack 

Kate Wimberly and Waldon Davis

Niya Dillard and Hunter Hogan

Sabina Ajjan and Nathan Dummitt

Oliva Santoyo and Preston Kight

Jocelyn Tang and Mimi Rader 

Harmony Nagle and Bond Almond

Nora Jorgenson and Shaw London

Avery Jackson and Blakely Harrell

Evie Tharpe and Jack Miscall 

Harriette Ann Bowden and Ben Baxley

EmmaJane Canady and Garrett Solheim

Carson Simmons and Will Baxley

Madelyn Poss and George Seagraves

Thomas Jones and Sarah Lemon

Charles Brooks and Katie Hatcher


Bonnie Sherwood and Cole Dover

Shelby Bandt and Sheldon Paine

Haley Ellison and Matt Moore

Emily Hunt and Eli Miscall

Varnika Guduri and Esha Panse

Harley Anne Shurling and Stephen Scarborough

Elizabeth Cochran and Brandon Firlotte 

Carly Blackwood and Walker Bethune

Katelyn Meece and Jack Minette

Shorter McCook and Eli Greer

Rachel Toon and Sam Evans

Anna Mincey and Aaron Perkel

Helen Pope and Gunn Bush

Cate Eddlemon and Lawson Cole

Bri Wooten and Jeremiah Halloway

Ashley Parel and Cooper Dykes

Bailey Thames and Cooper Baskette

Olivia Mann and Lew Story

Katie Beth Powers and Mekhi Lyder

Ellie Fitzgibbons and Micah Takac

Mary Blue Butler and Nate Slappey 


Edie Sharpton and Keondre Glover

Elinor Fenimore and Ishaan Narsinghani

Ann Marie Sikes and Carson Chambless

Zoe Leigh and Hampton Yarbrough

Claire Collins and Marshall Butler

Blain Caldwell and Brandon Sequelra 

Annabeth Tarbutton and Kjell Stevenson 

Clarke Jones and Mack Strickland

Jean Hightower and Duke Roberts

Kate Fruitticher and Jackson Terrell

Abigail Crick and West Kovacs

Caroline Crick and Luke Deal

Kanon Hinson and Mathew Cooper

Langley Anne Faulkner and Parker Epps 

Gracie Jorgenson and Andy Cheek

Samiyah Houston and Jacob Groover

Shreya Ranabhotu and Peter Garud

Ama Hairston and Stuart Watson

Maci Durso and Carter Tharpe 

Jasmine Jokhai and Brendon Campbell

Haylee Grace Cole and Trace Jones