Thursday’s ‘Disney Day’ starts big week before homecoming

Thursday was “Disney Day” at Stratford, kicking off week-long series of themes before next week’s homecoming game. The Gazebo staff captured the spirit of the day in a photo essay.

Junior Cameron Walsh strikes a pose in the hallway as Joy from “Inside Out.” (Photo by LIZZI CLAYTON)
Anna Kate Medlin, a sophomore, dressed as Alice from “Alice in Wonderland.” (Photo by LEAH DAVIS)
Junior Luke Slappey takes a magic carpet ride from “Aladdin.” (Photo by DEEP PATEL)
Freshmen Betsy Hill is Minnie Mouse. (Photo by MARY LYNES SUTTON)
Senior Tift Palmer dressed for the occasion as Minnie Mouse. (Photo by CARLY WANNA)
Jake Edwards, a junior, is Boy Scout Russell from “Up.” (Photo by DEEP PATEL)
Juniors Jessica Gratigny, left, and Jensen Bowden, are dalmations from “101 Dalmations” (Photo by DEEP PATEL)
Caroline Cole (bottom left), Regan Oliver (bottom center), Samantha Atkinson (bottom right), Hadley Neal (Second row right) Drake Miscall (Second row right) dressed as dalmatians from “101 Dalmations” with Karen Jarrard (top) as Cruella Deville
Freshmen Molly Groves, Caroline Horn, Layne Davis, Ashlin Jackson, and Emory Sutherland as members from the Hundred Acre Woods from “Winnie the Pooh.” (Photo by KAREN JARRARD)


Two princesses: Anna Parel, left, as Sleeping Beauty and Katherine Hamilton as Snow White. (Photo by HADLEY NEAL)