Place at table for ‘Miss Manners’ teaching preschool children

By ANNA PAREL and KAREN JARRARD, Gazebo Staff Writers

It’s not a regular occurrence to see a lady wearing cheetah print heels and talking in a British accent at Stratford Academy.

But students in the preschool have been getting regular visits from Stratford parent Julie McAfee, who comes dressed in her character, “Miss Manners.” She reads to the classes and gives lessons on etiquette.

Her daughter, Zoe, is in the third grade, and daughter, Malin, is a first-grader.

At the beginning of the school year, Mrs. McAfee taught preschool students polite ways to greet people and to say “please.”

She recently talked to the young students about table manners in the reading room at the library. The children pretended to eat a fancy dinner and practiced their manners.

Miss Manners plans to visit again in January with a lesson about being polite and expressing thanks.

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Julie McAfee reads to preschool class about table manners. (Photos by KAREN JARRARD and ANNA PAREL)
Preschool students select proper silverware, plates, glasses and napkins. (Photos by KAREN JARRARD and ANNA PAREL)