New kid hanging out on campus

Sculpture from art class hangs out on Stratford campus. (Photo by DEEP PATEL)

By DEEP PATEL, Gazebo Assistant Editor

Many students have seen, and probably wondered, what two ghost-like sculptures have been doing on campus over the past month.

“It was a middle school art project in which students created and practiced three-dimensional form,” said art teacher Kristy Edwards, who got the idea from the Pinterest web site.

The sculptures were made from packing tape, and each student was responsible for creating one form of the body ­–  a hand, leg and foot.

The sculptures were then put together and placed outside. Their ghostly appearance was particularly noticed during Halloween.

The recent rains took their toll on one of the sculptures, and it had to be taken down. The other will will remain on the school grounds until the Thanksgiving break, Edwards said.