A gallery of holiday photos from across campus.
(Gazebo staff photos by Lizzi Clayton, Kenzie Muenzer, Deep Patel and Anna Parel)

Wreaths are placed at the entrance to the main building at Stratford Academy.
Tree in Gallery
Christmas tree adorns the lobby and gallery near the front of the school.
Manger scene in the gallery near the main office.
Display for Hanukkah in front of the Henry Tift Fine Arts Auditorium.
Stecher Nutcracker
Decoration on the door of upper school math teacher Bobby Stecher’s room. Stecher has three students in his ninth-grade advisory who have roles in the production of The Nutcracker at the Grand Opera House this week.
Islam display is also located in the Virginia Parker Buzzell Memorial Gallery near the front of the school.
Holidays World
A bulletin board with “Holidays Around the World” is featured in the middle school.
Massey Frosty
Middle school math teacher Lynn Massey proudly shoes off snowman door decoration.
Second Graders
Second-grade students (L-R) Ellis Bridges, Caroline Dent, Kate Burgess, Mason Cullars and Clay Jones pose in front of Christmas tree.
Senior Wimberly Dennis snuggles with holiday blanket in front of the lockers.