VOICES: What are your resolutions for the new year?



“To get healthier because I am in horrible shape.” — Trey Tharpe, junior.


“I got this really awesome Infuser water bottle for Christmas, and so I want to drink more infused water, like make it at my house, so I’m excited for that.” — Raine Foulkes, senior


D07A8900“To help keep students out of trouble by giving them four hours of homework
every night … and lots of detention.’’ ­ — Ms. Nancy Todd, freshman advisor and senior humanities teacher


“To be more active and work out more.” ­– Sanford Caroline Neel, junior


“To get huge.” ­– Walker Gibbons, junior

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“To lose weight.” —  ­Finn Anderson, junior


“Probably get an A in Mr. Free’s class.” — David Haithcock, senior


“I’d like to see my family more often and have more family dinners.” ­– Dr.  Brenda Caldwell, Learning Support Center



“My New Year’s Resolution is to be more spontaneous. Do you want to go out tomorrow?” ­– Felton Hatcher, senior

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“Eat more.” ­– Quintez Cephus, senior


“To be better at giving advice and having a more positive attitude.” ­ — Maimee Henderson, freshman

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“To exercise and to reduce spending on Amazon.” — ­Mr. Mike Kelley, history teacher


I’d like to get outside more often because I don’t get outside enough” ­– Ms. 
Patsy Hayslip, Learning Support Center 


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  “To only drink water so I can get healthier.” ­ — Betsy Hill, freshman

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“To be nicer to Betsy (Hill).” ­ — Sarah Koplin, sophomore