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‘Promposals’ get creative for Stratford students

By HADLEY NEAL and ANNA PAREL, Gazebo Staff Writers

Prom is this Friday, April 15, at the Cox Capitol Theater. The theme is “A Knight in the Castle.”

The junior class will decorate the theater with medieval accents and props. As prom quickly approaches, many of the upperclassmen have had creative ways to “Prompose.”

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Senior Shishir Bandi was one of the first seniors to ask somebody to prom. He said the idea originally “started off as joke.”

“I didn’t know who I was going to ask, and wished I could just do a raffle to ask someone,” he said.

He came up with the idea of a fake charity he called the “Municipal Poverty Relief Organization” and designed a fake raffle where you could win a prize. Throughout the week, he made announcements, to “update and remind” everyone about the raffle.

At a Monday assembly, Shishir showed a Powerpoint explaining the “organization.” He then announced the winner of the raffle” was Conner Hefner. As she headed up to the stage, he rearranged the first letters of the “Municipal Poverty Relief Organization” to spell out P-R-O-M.

Conner said yes, and he gave her a rose.

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Senior Jacob Lischer used his date Ramsie Whitworth’s height to his advantage for this promposal in Caspar Fredrickson’s classroom, using a sign that said “Ramsie, you must be this tall to say no to Prom with me!”


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Seniors Jackson Pyles and Ally Raymond have been dating just a little over a year and a half, and Pyles asked Raymond with a special cake in the lunchroom on her 18th birthday. The cake had different colored icing and an “18” candle.





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Seniors John Michael O’Quinn and Tift Palmer have also been dating for over a year and a half, and for their Promposal, O’Quinn used a baseball with “Prom?” written on it after a home Stratford baseball game.






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Junior Maggie Thornsberry asked sophomore Trey Giles to Prom at St. Simon’s Island beach over spring break. The sign read “Trey: No Shirt, No Shoes, No PROMblem.”





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Senior O’Showen Williams asked sophomore Evans McCook with a punny sign that read: “Evans, can we TACO bout Prom?” He also gave her a taco!





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Junior Wade Snow asked Coleman Rozier at a Stratford baseball game, using a line from the classic movie “Napoleon Dynamite.” Snow gave Rozier a T-shirt that said, “Prom with Wade” (instead of “Vote for Pedro”) and a sign that said: “Coleman, you freakin’ idiot, Prom?”










Junior Jake Edwards asked Maggie Greer to prom with a poster that read,  “Don’t Burst My Bubble… Prom?” While presenting her with the poster, he turned on a bubble machine and the two posed for a picture.





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Junior Ames Jamison asked Allie Edwards in the new lot, dubbed the “Lit Pit,” using her spot on the tennis team to his advantage for this creative ask. His sign said: ‘We won’t cause a RACKET, we’ll have a BALL! Prom?”





FullSizeRender (2)
Junior Robert Stone asked Grace Adams, also in the “Lit Pit” after school one afternoon. Stone used a giant stop sign that read “Grace, STOP! Prom?”




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Senior Thomas Traynham asked freshman Anna Durso, to prom at her house one afternoon. He showed up to her front door with a sign that read: “Will you go up, up and away with me to prom” with several balloons in his hand.





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Senior Tommy McCook asked his girlfriend, freshman Emory Sutherland, after her soccer game using an inside joke for the promposal. His sign read: ”PROM? Be there or be square.”











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‘Promposals’ get creative for Stratford students