Proud to be part of ‘awesome’ year

By GINNY ANNE PINSON, Gazebo Guest Columnist

Being student body president was easily one the best experiences I’ve had during my time at Stratford.

Ginny Anne Pinson

I have always loved pursuing leadership and definitely felt that this job provided a huge responsibility for myself.

Before I was president, I had no idea what type of duty this was going to be and how many hours would be put into this position.

From the outside, this job may look easy. That is simply not the case.

Being president of the student body takes a lot of time and preparation in order to give the high school a fun year they deserve.

I am super proud of this year because I feel like we have had an awesome time together. From starting the Turkey Ball to making the Holiday assembly, I feel like the SAB and myself have pulled together some great events for the students.

I couldn’t have done anything without my mentors, Mrs. Lori Palmer and Mrs. Eleanor McDavid. They helped me through everything, even at my most stressed moments.

I am so glad I was given this opportunity because it helped shape who I am as a leader and pointed out my strongest skills. It is incredible how much Eagle Pride this job leaves you.

Every Monday morning at assembly makes me so happy, even though sometimes I mess up. (Shout-out to the boy who now goes to FPD that was on the birthday list. … Happy birthday, man.)

It has been a fantastic year and I can’t wait to pass the torch to one of my closest friends, Maggie Greer. GO EAGLES!