Pardon my French … karaoke


(Preston Brewer, Benjamin Jorgensen, Jeffrey Waldrup and Aman Jindani perform French karaoke. Video by ANNA PAREL, Gazebo Staff)

By HADLEY NEAL and ANNA PAREL, Gazebo Staff Writers

In Mrs. Rachel Chabot’s French II class during first period on Tuesday, she had her students perform songs in French.

“We needed to review music vocab, but I didn’t want to do a boring activity, so we are having a karaoke competition,” said Chabot.

The students formed groups and chose a song from a list Chabot provided. The class was allowed to look at the lyrics on their phones during the performance of their song.

After everyone had performed, Chabot had the class vote on their favorite performance “using the vocab they had learned to justify why one group was better than the other.”

Freshman Carter Atkinson and sophomore Vannah Zawacki prepare for their French Karaoke Challenge. (Photo by KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff)
Sophomore Kaylee Jellum gets ready for her performance. (Photo by KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff)
Freshman Maggie McCullough, and juniors Grace Deedrick  and Annabelle Tomlin  perform High School Musical’s ‘We’re All In This Together’ in French. (Photo by KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff)
Freshman Carter Atkinson and sophomore Vannah Zawacki  perform ‘A Whole New World.’ (Photo by KENZIE MUENZER, Gazebo Staff.)