Making a list, checking it twice

Tis the season for giving


For Dr. Frank Katz:  a heater

For Mr. Andy Lawson: a car made in the 21st century

For Mrs. Theresa Ferrari: an endless supply of tights and a  holster

For Mr. Luke Harrington: a smarter child (because his are such a disappointment) and another cat because he threw his in the washing machine

For Mr.  Allen Free: a beaver trap

For Mrs. Michelle Fleming: an essay with zero punctuation

Mr. Griff Etheridge: a walker

For Girls’ Sports: a student section

For The Gazebo: readership

For Ms. Carol  Lanier: a ghost detector

For Mrs. Shannon Boswell: those 20 points back

For Ms. Aimee Grisham: a Gran Hotel reboot

For Ms. Jackie Waters: A date with Melvin Calvin

For Coach Mark Farriba: a dream journal

For Mr. Ben McLain: a new chair

For Mr. Brian Wells: a spot on Top Chef

For Ms. Robin Schorr: a new playlist for break

For Mr. Mike McCue: funding for the tech club

For the Stratford student body: no exams