CLAIRE RINEHART: Yearbook, music and Dr. Katz

Anna Parel and Kaitlyn Neel

Kaitlyn Neel and Anna Parel

Claire Rinehart has been attending Stratford since kindergarten. During her high school years, she has participated in Pep Club, Beta Club, Key Club, Yearbook, JV cheerleading and varsity lacrosse. This past year she was the yearbook’s student life and club editor.

Outside of school, Claire enjoys music and attending concerts. Her favorite artists include Hozier, Panic! At the Disco, and Harry Styles. She also likes spending time with friends and watching her two favorite TV shows, “Shameless” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

Her favorite teacher is Dr. Frank Katz.

“I love Dr.Katz. This is my first year with him but it’s been pretty great,” she said.

Although she has enjoyed attending Stratford, she has had some very difficult assignments. During her junior year in AP US History, she wrote half of a 15-page research paper. Then her teacher decided the class was not going to finish it.

From Dr.Katz, to her many Stratford clubs, Claire will miss it all.

“I will probably miss having a memory literally everywhere I go cause I’ve just been here so long,” she said. “I will miss knowing everybody because it’s such a tight-knit school.”

Next year, she will attend Georgia College in Milledgeville. Although she is still unsure about what she wants to major in, or pursue after she graduates, she knows she wants to take time to travel.

”I still don’t know what I want to major in yet … I’m undecided,” she said. “But after college I definitely want to take time to travel and stuff. That’s really high on my list.”