Community service a way to reach out

Opportunities abound for holidays


Gazebo Photo by Elizabeth Sellers

Mrs. Shannon Boswell is in charge of the Upper School community service hours.

Every year at Stratford, students must obtain 20 community service hours. You can only get five Stratford hours, five church hours, and the rest can be anywhere in the community.

The student with most cumulative hours in the freshman class is Chimezie Nwabuebo with 42 hours. In the sophomore class, with the most, is Dre Duehart with 170 hours.

“I worked for my grandma over the summer, helped her outside, and with the heavy work,’’ Dre said. “I also helped with the youth football to get Stratford hours. I still have some hours to turn in from last year. I mean it was fun doing all that community service and getting it done.” 

In the junior class, Layne Davis has the most hours with 234. Among seniors, Tejas Athani leads the way with 836 community service hours.

Upcoming community service opportunities that Mrs. Shannon Boswell has provided students with is The Salvation Army starts Nov. 20 for ringing the bell.

Other community service opportunities are The Goodwill Gala November 13-17 and Friends of the Library. They need help on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm in their workroom at 2920 Riverside Dr. Contact Wendy Cassidy, (478) 787-7043, for more information.