Yearbook dedicated to Mrs. Schorr

“Greetings from Stratford” will be this year’s theme; Yearbooks to be distributed on May 18


Gazebo Photo by EmmaJane Canady

Mrs. Robin Schorr is hugged by her husband, Bob

The 2017-2018 annual Stratford Academy yearbook is dedicated to Mrs. Robin Schorr.

Mrs. Schorr works in the Upper School Office for academic support. She keeps attendance while forming close relationships with students throughout the school year.

The dedication at the schoolwide assembly on Thursday, April 26. Mrs. Schorr said it was a very pleasant surprise, and she is extremely happy to be commemorated by the senior class this year.

“I was totally surprised and I am just so honored,” she said. “I had no idea that they even thought one thing about me, so it was just amazing. I was just real pleased and I wish all those seniors very well!”

The yearbook has a postcard theme, entitled “Greetings from Stratford.” Yearbooks will be handed out to students and faculty on Honors Day on May 18.

Junior Marta Stevenson is the 2017-2018 yearbook Editor and Chief. Grey Faulkner is the editor for Student Life and Clubs. Sophie Denisar is the editor for Sports and Classes. Carolynn Dromsky is editor of the Senior section. Other members of the Overlook staff are Katherine Hamilton, Molly Groves, Maggie McCullough, Ellen Adams, Marlie Potts and Anna Grace Stone.

Gazebo Photo by EmmaJane Canady
Mrs. Schorr walks through bleachers after dedication announcement
Gazebo Photo by EmmaJane Canady
Seniors Amelia Foulkes, Amelia Bunker and Anna Kate Alford read the senior section and poem
Gazebo Photo by EmmaJane Canady
Members of the Overlook yearbook staff are introduced at the assembly