New FLIK chef welcomes suggestions

Cookies, Chinese food day back by popular demand

The new school year has brought with it some changes in the Eagle Cafe.

This year, Stratford welcomed a new FLIK chef, Chef Shan Speilberg. Chef Shan has made a few adjustments this year, such as barricades and barcodes to make the lines fasters, new recipes, and a new lunchroom layout.

At the start of the year, it appeared as if two of the most popular attractions — Chinese day and the famous FLIK cookies — would not return. However, Chef Shan received feedback from these modifications and recognized that the students missed the old cookies and Chinese day.

The original recipe cookies are now back, and Chinese-inspired lunches also have returned.

“We are doing some new things so if you haven’t had it before, it may taste different,’’ Chef Shan said. “Of course, when you have a new chef things are going to taste a little bit different.”

Chef Shan said he welcomes and encourages any feedback.