Preschoolers now have reusable water bottles

Eco-friendly and fewer spills, the bottles are part of school’s sustainability efforts


Gazebo Photo by Caroline Cole

Wyatt Wiggs, a student in Mrs. Susan Abernathy’s 3K class, takes a sip from a new water bottle Mrs. Abernathy’s class 3k beginners

Students in Stratford’s preschool now have reusable water bottles for snack time.

In the past, the preschool went through about 400-500 plastic cups per week.

Dr. Kelly Causey, director of the preschool,  said the water bottles are part of the sustainability effort to encourage students to be good stewards of the resources they use daily and to develop good habits.  The SAIS study has a committee that is committed to sustainability efforts throughout the school.

The  water bottles are gray and have a Stratford star on one side. These new water bottles are helping Stratford Academy become a more eco-friendly school.  

The upper school and middle school  already have been transitioning to a more eco-friendly school by using reusable water bottles. The refilling stations throughout the school also have aided in this progression.

The water bottles are helping the preschool teachers, who said they are helping reduce the amount of spills.

There have been some issues with a few of the water bottled splitting and the insulated inside coming unglued. Dr. Causey and Mrs. Meredith Bridges, of the Eagles Nest, have been working with the company to  replace these broken ones.