Students wish they could re-write rules

Dress code, lunch privileges, double periods, cell phones, gum among most common


Gazebo Photo by Miller Cranford

In the Stratford handbook, there are strict rules concerning a wide variety of topics from dress code to off-campus privileges.

There are a number of rules students wish could be changed. It is possible the faculty could become more lenient about some of these rules, while others are rules that students could only hope might be changed.

It is a senior privilege to be able to leave for lunch if you have what is called “long lunch” or “short lunch,” which is when you have study hall before or after lunch, or study hall before break.

Although this rule is nice, Emory Sutherland wants seniors to be able to leave for lunch every day. Many seniors agree with her, as many of them do not have long or short lunch on the same days as their friends.

Junior Holly Hunt wishes long lunch was not just for seniors. She believes “juniors should have long lunch,” considering most juniors have their licenses and drive to school every day.

Everyone who can drive should be able to leave for lunch.

— Elizabeth Sellers

“Everyone who can drive should be able to leave for lunch,” junior Elizabeth Sellers said.

Most students have at least one thing they wish could be changed regarding the dress code.

Sophomore Madelyn Poss said she dislikes the jacket rule, which limits the outerwear students can wear.

She said she wishes students could  “wear whatever jacket or sweatshirt we want and it could have any logo that is any size.”

Sophomore Sophie Waldrop said the skirt policy is too harsh.

Another sophomore, Mary Kate Groves, has an issue with one of the rules that is a less common rule complained about.

“There should be music during lunch too, rather than just at break,” she said.

Other students disagree and think it could get too loud and chaotic if there was music during lunch.

Junior  Matt Newberry  has quite a few rules he wished could be changed at Stratford. He wishes the number of tardies you had restarted every quarter, that students were allowed to eat breakfast in homeroom, and he also requests that the high school brings back double periods.

These are not the only ones students complain about on a daily basis. Others include not being allowed to chew gum, underclassman having to stay in the study hall classroom, and some of the teacher’s new phone policy in classrooms.