Class retreats to return Nov. 8

Annual retreats were cancelled last year to due inclement weather


Senior Drake Miscall leads an activity during the sophomore retreat field day with Elam Alexander students in 2016

After being cancelled last year because of inclement weather, the annual class retreats will return for Stratford students on Thursday, Nov. 8.

The freshman class will have its retreat at the Woodruff House on Coleman Hill, the site of old Stratford Academy. There will be a tour of the house, which was built in 1836, and a Q&A with alumni and former faculty members. There will be a pizza lunch on Coleman Hill.

The sophomores will host a field day for students from Elam Alexander. There will be approximately 10 activities on the football field. At the end of the field day, there will be lunches for their students provided by SIP, and medals will be awarded like in the Olympics. The sophomores will have a pizza lunch before being dismissed for the day.

Juniors will be divided into groups to perform various types of community service around Macon. These different community service options include pet rescue with Mrs. Shannon Boswell at the home of Libby Walthall, rebuilding and reconstruction at the Fuller house, work at the Middle Georgia Food Bank, a litter cleanup in downtown Macon, and volunteer work at Macon Little Theatre.

After students finish the community service portion of the day, they will be dismissed for an hour for lunch at any restaurant of their choosing from 11:30 to 12:30. Following lunch, students will go to the Armory Ballroom for a fun afternoon full of activities. A scavenger hunt will be led by Mr. Ed Grisamore. There also  will be learning activities such as ballroom dancing lessons with Mr. Brian Wells and Mrs. Cason Wilkin, a game of Spoons with Mrs. Shannon Boswell, and other fun and creative games and tutorials with teachers such as  Ms. Sylvia Haynie, Dr. Frank Katz, Ms. Anastasia Fink, and Mrs. Jacqui Wilson.

The seniors will have their annual picnic at the Fickling Farm. The day is filled with team-building games, full challenges, fellowship, and a picnic for lunch. Students will arrive at 9AM and be dismissed around 2:00pm. If there is rain, students will resume to a normal school day.