How we are coping

Students, teacher get reality check

How obsessed/anxious have you been after each news cycle on the Coronavirus?

 I think I am pretty anxious about this.”

— Max Payne, sophomore

Do you think we are going back to school this year?

We are definitely done for the rest of the year.”

— Carson Chambless, sophomore

Yes. I believe we will once the virus gets contained over the next few weeks.”

— Ms. Morley Conn, LSC

No, because I mean at some point it will go away but I don’t think that time is soon.”

— Lew Story, sophomore

No, I don’t think we are gonna come back, and if we do I think it will be in late May.”

— Kamber Thalongsengchanh, freshman

Have you been practicing “social distancing” with your friends, others?

Yes, most of my classes start to use different video meetings so that we can still work collectively when we’re out of school. And I have been staying at home from the beginning of the quarantine period.”

— Queena Lin, senior

Yes, I am at my lake house. I can go out on the lake, but can’t see my friends but I can pick up dinner and lunch, but that’s all.”

— Langley Anne Faulkner, freshman

Well, now that there are cases in Macon, I’m on restriction as to how many people I can see. I used to be able to hang out whenever but now I’m pretty much in isolation.”

— Bonnie Sherwood, sophomore

Have you stayed away from grandparents and other older relatives?

Yes. I’ve been staying inside as much as possible.”

— Kate Fruitticher, freshman

Are you more aware of washing your hands?

Yes, I am because I am scared of catching the virus and getting my family sick.”

— Harriette Ann Bowden, junior

Yes, I am always washing my hands and hand sanitizing even though I am not going anywhere.”

— Ellie Fitzgibbons, sophomore

Did your family have to cancel an overseas trip or other big trip for spring break?

Yes. We had to cancel a bunch of college visits because they are all closed.”

— Cal Hatcher, freshman

Yes, sadly no St. Simon’s with all of Macon.”

— Carter Tharpe, freshman

Have you taken up or learned any new hobbies?

I have always liked to paint, but I have been able to spend more time painting during these past two weeks.”

— Jenny Belle Butler

I’m actually learning sign language. It’s really fun.”

— Elinor Fenimore

Have you ever experienced anything like his in your teaching career?

Never. I taught at Stratford during 9/11. We were frightened and uncertain about the future, but we were not isolated. We also didn’t stop school, in fact school became a refuge of normalcy in those uncertain times. My mother is 90. She said this is worse than the great depression. … We are lucky at Stratford to have ways to continue teaching. It isn’t perfect but we have things we can do. So many schools have nothing.”

— Ms. Susan Hanberry, Middle School science teacher

Are you lazier or more productive working from home?

Surprisingly, I have been more productive. I have been doing a lot of work and even stuff that is due the next day.”

— Aaron Perkel, sophomore

Is having to complete your work at home more or less stressful than at school?

Completing work at home is less stressful than at school because we basically get to do everything on our own time, but I still miss going to school.”

— Carson Simmons, junior

It is more stressful because of the responsibilities we have.”

— Madison James, junior

Are your college siblings at home? What has that been like?

Yes, my siblings are home and it’s really fun but it’s also chaotic. It’s fun that al six of us are together now.”

— Lila McCord, junior

Are you bored?

Yes, it is pretty boring. I just got out of surgery on my shoulder so I can’t workout or do anything active so I have to stay inside most of the day and not be very active.”

— Hunter Hogan, junior

Yes, extremely.  I have nothing to do. I want to play with Legos, but after I do my schoolwork I just kind of mope around and watch Netflix and YouTube and play on my Switch, and I want to go outside.”

— Lauren McElrath, junior

Yes, I’m so bored. I never thought I would say this, but I want to go back to school! ”

— Katie Beth Powers, sophomore