ALYSSA ORONA: Softball, bus rides and Harry Styles


Alyssa Orona greatly awaits life in college.

Known for her softball abilities, Alyssa will spend her next four years playing softball on scholarship at Gordon State College in Barnesville. She is looking forward to playing at Gordon and furthering her education, but she will miss life at Stratford Academy.

Alyssa has had lots of memorable moments since she has arrived at Stratford as a junior. Her favorite moment was at the state tournament in Columbus this past year.

Coach Tyler Brown was driving this bus that had half the team on it. The softball team had just won a big game and was super-hyped. As the players were eating Chick-fil-A ice cream, Coach Brown hit a curb… hard.

The team did not know how bad it was until everyone got back to the hotel. The tire had five enormous holes in it. Alyssa and the rest of the team will never forget the incident.

Alyssa also will miss the academic journey at Stratford. Throughout her high school experience, Alyssa’s favorite class has been Economics with Coach Brown. She said her favorite teachers have been Coach Brown and English teacher Dr. Ann Dromsky.

She has an obsession with Harry Styles. She confessed if she could marry anyone in the world it would be Harry Styles, because “he’s perfect.” Also, without hesitation, if she could shadow anyone if the world, dead or alive, it would be Harry Styles.

Alyssa has been through many challenges concerning softball and switching schools midway through her high school career, but she went through it with an amazing attitude and never gave up.