ANNA KATHERINE BOSWELL: Swimming, twin sisters, and a British Gent

Anna Katherine Boswell, better known as “Kat,” is a senior at Stratford Academy.

When Kat was little, her friends and family found her name to be too long, so it was originally shortened to “Anna Kat.”

When her twin sisters, freshmen Lucy and Liza Boswell, were younger, they were unable to pronounce her full name. So it was shortened further to “Kat.”

Out of the four sports she takes part in at Stratford — swimming, cheerleading, cross country, and tennis —  Kat said swimming is her favorite. She loves being a part of the “Weagles.”

“All of the members of the swim team this year were super close since everyone was new to it,” she said.  It made it even more fun for Kat and her teammates.

When Kat is not too busy with her many sports and activities, she enjoys hanging out with friends and watching Netflix, specifically “Gilmore Girls.”

Kat also plays the piano. She has loved playing music since second grade, and she currently plays the piano at her church, Vineville United Methodist.

Kat’s favorite food is dark chocolate. She drives a Nissan Rogue.

In the 10th grade, Kat met new student, Jacob Burke. Jacob’s father works at Robins Air Force Base, so he and his parents moved more than the average family. Jacob was born in England, and he moved to Ohio at the age of 6.

When Jacob’s family moved to Macon in 2014, the two met in home room on the first day of sophomore year. They were not close until a year later, when they started dating in 11th grade, and have been together since.

Kat cherishes the relationships she has built over the years at Stratford, particularly Mrs. Michelle Fleming and Mr. Griff Ethridge. She is aware that in college, students do not develop close relationships with their professors, so she is enjoying her final months with her teachers.

“You never walk down the hallway and see someone that you have never seen before,” said Kat.

Within one larger group, there may be smaller, more tight-knit groups of friends. To Kat, this is what makes Stratford so special.

In the fall, she plans on attending either Georgia Tech or Texas Christian. She is hopeful for a scholarship to TCU, but she is excited for college and is confident that wherever she goes will be a good fit for her. She does not yet know what she plans to do after college.

“I know I want to do something in the medical field, like nursing maybe,’’ she said. “It really depends on where I end up going. Georgia Tech is a big engineering school, and TCU is not. It just depends where I go to school. That is kind of when I will decide.”