GRACE ADAMS: Cheering, ‘Best Smile’ and Locker No. 1

Senior Grace Adams has attended Stratford since preschool. 

Her favorite subject is English because she loves writing. She enjoys cheering for Friday night football and the pregame dinner. Along with cheerleading, she also participates in tennis.

She is co-editor of the yearbook, and was voted a “senior superlative” for “Best Smile.”

She said hanging out with her friends is her favorite past time.Her favorite FLIK food is Chinese. She enjoys the sweet and sour chicken along with the rice.

Her favorite TV show currently is “The Bachelor” because it is so “drama filled.”

When asked about her favorite memory at Stratford, she thinks back to her early years in kindergarten. She recalls h being dressing up in her pajamas, drinking hot chocolate, and watching “The Polar Express.”

Grace’s mother, Mollye Treadway, and her stepfather, Jeff Treadway, both work at Stratford. She said this is both a blessing and a curse. If she forgets to get a paper signed, or just needs to “chill out” in her mom’s office, she is here. However, it is bad because they always know all of the drama floating around the upper school.

She said what she will miss most about Stratford will be her teachers and the friends that she gets to see every day.

Having the last name “Adams” has its advantages. As a senior, she was assigned Locker No. 1 and will be the first to have her named called and walk across the stage at graduation in May.