FINN ANDERSON: Books, Bonaparte and Boy Scouts

Arya Datta and Rania Akbar

Finn Anderson is a senior at Stratford Academy and has been a student at the school since pre-K.

When asked if he could shadow anyone, he said it would be Napoleon Bonaparte.

“He’s probably one of my favorite historical figures,” he said. “He was a person who became that powerful in such a short time.”

Finn’s hobbies are playing video games and reading books. He also is active in Boy Scouts.

When asked it he has “senioritis,” Finn said he has it “pretty badly right now.” He is currently running No. 2 in The Gazebo’s “Senioritis” poll, trailing only Maggie Thornsberry.

Finn plans to attend Sewanee, The University of the South, because he believes it is the best fit for him. He said he will miss “the many friends he has made” at Stratford because they are all going to go their separate ways. Finn hopes he will be able to stay in touch with his high school friends.

He is excited to form new relationships at college because it will be a new step in life for him. He said he is looking forward to meeting “all kinds of people and for all the different possibilities at a new school.”

Overall, Finn  doesn’t really regret anything about his high school years. He possibly only regrets not doing the “cliché” things in high school.

“My senior year as a whole is probably the best year I’ve had at Stratford,” he said. He called it his “most interesting and favorite year.”