‘Fair is foul, and foul is fair’ Students at play for MacBeth play

Gazebo Photo by Anna Kate Alford
Holly Hunt and Christian Grossnickle were among the students who took part in Tuesday’s MacBeth Game Day.

The freshmen English classes of Dr. Tom Lolis presented original games based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth during break on Tuesday in the Stefanis Room at the Science Center.

The games were projects assigned to the students. They were in groups of  two to five people and made playable games that related to Macbeth. They could be as creative as they wanted, making completely original games or ones based on famous games.

One student, Dylan Yurgalavage, made his own video game which he presented. Other games included  Scotland, Pursuance of Triviality, Mafia and Witches to Riches.

They ranged from dice games to card games to board games and more. Each game was totally unique, providing a different experience.