ANNABELLE TOMLIN: New Jersey, late-night Krystal runs and ‘Sisters’

Hadley Neal

Hadley Neal, Gazebo Staff Writer

Annabelle Tomlin is a senior at Stratford Academy. She is varsity cheerleader and soccer player, who enjoys binge-watching the Vampire Diaries on Netflix and going on late-night Krystal runs.

She is originally from New Jersey, and this is her second year living in Macon. When moving to Georgia, Annabelle left behind her parents, siblings and friends. Although she misses home, she does not regret making the decision to move. She loves Macon.  

Stratford and Macon are home to some of Annabelle’s favorite memories, even the most embarrassing ones.

“At the Stratford-Mount de Sales basketball game, I turned around to go get something to drink, and tripped,” she said. “I fell down all the bleachers at the game with everyone watching me!”

She lives with her cousin, Sanford Caroline Neel, also a senior.

“It’s a lot of fun. We have the same friend group, we go to church together, and we’re into all the same things,” she said. “We never really get tired of each other. It’s so nice to have a ‘sister’ with me all the time.”

Her favorite subject is math, because she finds it easy to understand. But, another class she enjoys is Dr. Ann Dromsky’s senior English class.

“I would say I enjoy English as well, because Dr. Dromsky has had the most impact on me, even though I’ve only had her for a year,” she said. “She’s been not only a great teacher and help, but a great friend to all the seniors.”

Annabelle will attend the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) in the fall. She hopes to major in Biology, then attend nursing school in Jackson, Miss.