BAILEY TOOLE: Full plate, friendships and family

Bailey Toole has a lot on her plate.

Not only does she have the workload of a Stratford senior, she is a member of the Spanish Club, Beta Club, SOAR, Girl Talk, ADL, Key Club, and Pep Club. She also had been a leader of ADL, Girl Talk, and Key Club.

Being a part of so many activities has made Bailey closer to the tightly-knit community that is Stratford.

“It’s like a family here,” she said.

Bailey’s favorite memory of Stratford shows just how much of a family Stratford can be.  During her freshman year, the football team went to the state championship. Even though the Eagles lost in the last quarter, the players and fans still celebrated.

“Everyone came together during that loss,” she said. She said no matter what role you had in the game, “everyone there had common ground.”

On the other hand, having numerous after school activities can be a challenge. Her favorite on-line program to aid her in organization is Google Calendar. This program helps her plan out events, meetings and assignments in advance so she does not get tangled up in all of her due dates.

“I have so much focus on organizing ahead of time,” she said.

Not all of Bailey’s time is dedicated to work, however.

When she’s not organizing meetings, finishing projects for Spanish or working at her job at ACE Hardware, Bailey likes to listen to music, socializing with her friends, playing with her dog, watching the occasional Netflix series, and juggling.

Bailey said she has learned many lessons during her time in high school. Being a part of so many clubs taught her how to interact with strangers. She also also learned that everyone makes mistakes and the importance of forgiveness.

Bailey plans to attend Auburn. She plans to pursue a marketing degree and Master of Business Administration. She wants to get a job in entertainment marketing.