So far, so good with flu season at Stratford

Only a few cases among students, despite the worst flu season in nine years

Assistant Principal Mrs. Theresa Ferrari tends to sophomore Maya Rubenstein

Gazebo Photo by Rania Akbar

Assistant Principal Mrs. Theresa Ferrari tends to sophomore Maya Rubenstein

Health officials say this year’s flu season is the worse in the U.S. since 2009.

Fortunately, it has not been running rampant in the Stratford community.

“We have only had five people been out for specifically for the flu, Middle and Upper (schools) this season,” said Upper School Principal Mrs. Margaret Brogdon. “We did have that stomach bug, I don’t think we can say there has been a scourge here yet. We haven’t had a big trend this year. There have been years when a big percentage of the school was out with the flu.”

Academic Support Specialist Mrs. Robin Schorr said students will sign out near the end of the day if they have permission and or not feeling well.

“There really aren’t that many that have signed out for actually being sick with the flu this season … maybe 10 students have signed out in total for not feeling well,” Mrs. Schorr said. “It hasn’t slammed us yet.”

Some simple advice to avoid getting the flu this year is simply by washing your hands frequently throughout the day. Germs and bacteria are found on almost everything you touch. A simple soap dispenser in an office or school bathroom contains about 475 germs or types of bacteria.

A vital item, such as a toothbrush,  contains about 630 germs on its bristles. When in need of water, resort to other options such as water bottles rather than public water fountains that are found in schools, shopping malls, or even on the streets, because they have as many as 1,319 germs.

It is always recommended to wash your hands and stay hydrated throughout the year, but even more so  during flu season.