Stratford will not participate in National School Walkout

‘Rather than walking away, we should walk toward something’

Although Stratford will not be participating in Wednesday’s National School Walkout, Upper School Principal Mrs. Margaret Brogdon said school administrators are open to ideas on how to address the issues of gun violence.

“Rather than walking away, we should walk toward something,” Mrs. Brogdon told students at Monday’s assembly.

Students across the nation will participate in a walkout Wednesday at 10 a.m in honor of the recent shooting at Parkland High School in Florida. Students will leave their school for 17 minutes and stand in solidarity to remember the 17 lives lost that day. 

Another Bibb County private school, Mount de Sales, will hold a 17-minute prayer service in honor of the 17 victims, according to The (Macon) Telegraph newspaper.

A few students involved in Stratford’s ADL club are organizing a group to participate in “March for Our Lives” in Atlanta on March 24.

“I think the March is a better option than doing a walkout because here it won’t be televised or signs won’t be made during the walkout,” ADL member Reese Ellis said.

Stratford recently increased security by changing locks on certain doors throughout the campus. Initially, the doors would remain unlocked after being closed. Now they automatically lock with a new magnetic lock system.

Teachers will be attending mandatory training sessions the next two weeks. The National Homeland Security is requiring staff members of schools attend these sessions.