Prom has ‘Great Gatsby’ theme

The theme of Friday’s prom is “The Great Gatsby.”

Gazebo Photo by Taylor Swan
Kendall Simmons and Logan Thomas

The dance will be held at the Terminal Station on Cherry Street in downtown Macon.

Lead-out is at 8:30 p.m., and will include all seniors and their dates, as well as members of the Student Activities Board and the Student Issues Board.

Before the dance, seniors will have their pictures taken at Tripp Vaughn’s house. Afterward, seniors and their dates will load the bus to go downtown for dinner at the Rosewood Ballroom.

Juniors and their dates will go to Marta Stevenson’s house for dinner and pictures before taking a bus to the dance.

2018 Date Wall

Bhavin Patel and Vivian Duong

Noah Fenimore and Sai Pagadala

Shaw London and Li-An Tsai

Hunter Kunzelmann and Kaylee Jellum

Jake Moore and Anna Kate Alford

Jack Kelly and Emma Davis

Alexandra Stefanis and Travis Cunningham

Alexander Smith and Natalie Cunduff

Cole Gilland and Morgan Mathis

Cal Whitworth and Gracie Holliman

John Coleman Tidwell and Caroline Cole

Thomas Anthony and Maggie McCullough

Webb Doxey and Vannah Zawacki

John Drinkwater and Carlin Weinberg

Andrew Palmer and Mei Mei Randolph

Josh Bevill and Porter Bolles

Kevin Gibson and Carey Woodcock

Greg Sutton and Evans McCook

Parker Kight and Emmie Cate Powell

Mckinley Thompson and Drake Miscall

Tobe Umerah and Anaya Thomas

Andrew Cerry and Emily Fackler

Grey Faulkner and Katherine Hamilton

Rob Cunningham and Hadley Neal

Griffin Brown and Josie Coleman

Luke Haney and Karen Jarrard

Griffin Matson and Marta Stevenson

Jamie O’Quinn and Devon Fitzgibbons

Will Deal and Sydnie Rouleau

Steve Durkee and Olivia Pruett

Charlie Giles and Betsy Hill

Nick O’Neal and Lucy Lee

Carter Griffin and Ellie Peterson

Tripp Vaughn and Carolynn Dromsky

Mark Barrow and Eliza Freedman

Benjamin Jorgensen and Kenzie Muenzer

Stephen Durso and Dallis Foshee

Jonathan Jokhai and Georgia Schaffer

Brannan Suggs and Anna Brantley

Keith Hartness and Ellie Cleveland

Michael Hicks and Lillie Sweet Strickland

Charles Cross and Catherine Brown

Preston Brewer and McKay Powers

Nathan Hunt and Margo Hannan

Jack Harty and Molly Groves

Dell Sikes and Caroline Durkee

Trey Giles and Emily Sheridan

Ellie Minette and Matt Newberry

Anna Durso and Patrick Brunson

Christian Palmer and Sloane Ramsbottom

John McMaster and Tori Dover

Nischal Bandi and Sara Kate Durkee

Carson Dorsey and Savannah Hendricks

Austin Slocumb and Riley Davis

John Morgan Manley and Caroline Horn

Grant Bailey and Holland Schell

Jake Jamison and Emory Sutherland

Clifton Olmstead and Evie Tharpe

Sahan Vangala and Liza Boswell

Jonathan Siegel and Elizabeth Sellers

Jeffrey Waldrop and Ellen Adams

Kaitlyn Neel and William Stubbs

Lucy Jenkins and Tucker Massey

Carson Greene and Anna Kate Medlin

Larson McDaniel and Caroline Sutherland

Logan Fink and Autumn Land

Aman Jindani and Amelia Bunker

Jeffery Hale and Maggie Fuchs

Tyler Jordan and Karina Ugarte

Bowen Powers and Kathryn Spinks

Hampton Tiller and Mary Lynes Sutton

Harrison Bailey and Anna Parel

Sarah Koplin and Nate Jones

Will Chambless and Katie Beth Wells

Sam Clark and Layne Davis

Taylor Cullars and Ashlin Jackson

Joseph Webb and Meggie Avalotis

Amelia Foulkes and Logan Hudson

Preston Kennedy and Murray McCormick

Andrew Moring and Isabel McSwain

Bobby McCord and Gracie Slade

Logan Thomas and Kendall Simmons

Jourdain Irvin and Cochran Lee