Veni, Vidi, Vici

Stratford brings home second-place honors at annual LatinCon convention

Fourteen Stratford students attended LatinCon

Stratford Academy won second place overall among small schools in the annual State Latin Competition and Forum this past weekend at the Rock Eagle 4H Center in Eatonton.

The Latin classes of Mr. Brian Wells also were awarded third place in average point per delegate.

Isabel McSwain

Mr. Wells said Stratford students held their own in competition against students from larger schools and have “carved out a niche of excellence in the Creative Arts competitions.”

“I am very proud of my Latin students this year,” Mr.Wells said. “They competed well and brought home second place from the LatinCon at Rock Eagle last weekend. Hopefully, we can continue to build on this success and take first place next year.”

Nine out of the 14 Stratford students who attended Latin Con were awarded for their work in competitions.

Senior Mark Barrow was awarded first place in the games project and fourth place for the level five mythology exam.

Isabel McSwain, a junior, was the first-place winner in the upper division male costume for her representation of Ixion.

Senior Manasa Vemuri took second place for upper division female as she represented a Danaid.

Caris Weinberg

Freshmen Caris Weinberg was awarded first place in the lower division female for her costume of a Danaid.

Carlin Weinberg, a senior, was awarded first place in the upper division couples costume of Hades and Persephone.

Senior Morgan Mathis was the first-place winner in upper division couples costume of Hades and Persephone. Morgan also took fifth place upper girls frisbee throw, and fourthin the upper girls softball throw.

Carson Greene, a senior, was awarded third-place level 5+ Greek history and culture exam, and second place level 5+ in the Roman history exam.

Rohan Patel, a freshman, was awarded third place level two Latin Derivatives exam.

Another freshman, Gavin Martin, was awarded fourth overall Olympika scorer (second year in a row), first place lower boys frisbee throw, second place lower boys softball throw, Stratford ludi (public games) basketball team for fifth place.

Middle School Latin teacher Ms. Lindsey Morse will be the Georgia Junior Classical League Middle School chair for the next four years.