Gazebo rolls out long-awaited app

It’s free on all Mac and Android devices

The Stratford Gazebo has a new addition to the family — the Gazebo App.

The app is free on all Mac and Android devices. It will carry news, sports and feature stories, as well as the Gazebo’s broadcasts, podcasts and videos.

It now can be accessed with the touch of a screen.

Gazebo Photo by Sabina Ajjan
Gazebo editors announced the new app at Aug. 27 assembly

The announcement was made by the Gazebo editors during an assembly on Aug. 27.

“It’s a way to make reading easy but convenient instead of having to go into the Gazebo website. Click it, you can read, and it just puts the Gazebo at everyone’s fingertips,” said Elizabeth Avant, the school’s communications coordinator.

Gazebo advisor Mr. Ed Grisamore said journalism students have had to constantly refer people to the news site.

“I’ve had to repeat about 1.3 million times over the past three years,” he said.

Grisamore requested the app as part of the journalism technology budget for the 2018-19 school year.

Click it, you can read, and it just puts the Gazebo at everyone’s fingertips.

— Mrs. Elizabeth Avant, Stratford Communications Coordinator

The app was developed by Student Newspapers Online, the largest provider of online and mobile publishing for high school and college journalism programs in the country.

Mr. Grisamore asks the Stratford community for patience during these first few weeks of rolling out the app. What looks good on the website might not always have the same visual appeal on the app, he said.

The Gazebo plans a year-long promotion with creative advertisements and flyers on bulletin boards around the school, giving journalism students experience in that area, too, Mr. Grisamore said.

Science teacher Mr. Ross Bridges said he loves the convenience of having the app on his phone.

“If you want to look at the Gazebo you don’t have to go online because it will be on the app,” Mr. Bridges said.

Mr. Grisamore encourages students, faculty members and other members of the Stratford family to download the app and enable push notifications to be alerted when a story or video is posted.

“We publish everything on the Gazebo from birthdays to lunch menus to slices of life around the school,” he said. “We try to live up to our motto: ‘We’ve Got Stratford Covered.’ ”