Stratford gives heads up to Hats 4 HOPE


Gazebo Photo by EmmaJane Canady

Senior Benjamin Jorgensen chose to wear a top hat

Benjamin Jorgensen wore a long ,bright blue top hat with blue fluff to school for the Hats for HOPE benefit on Friday.

The Stratford’s senior’s mother brought back the hat after a business trip in Dallas, Texas. Mrs. Sarah Jorgensen attended a party there where they were giving away free hats. She decided   her four children — Benjamin, Nora, Gracie and Ginny — probably would be excited to have them, so she brought four of them home.

 Stratford hosted the Hats 4 HOPE to raise money for the philanthropic organization, Jay’s HOPE 4 Kids with Cancer. Jay’s HOPE hosts this annual fundraiser to help families in Georgia with children who are battling cancer.

Friday also was a Spirit Day, and students and faculty were allowed to wear hats by making a $1 donation.

Benjamin was going to wear his bear hat, which has the face of a bear on the front. But he could not find it.

“I saw this hat and was like ‘Oh my god, I love this hat,’ ” he said.

He said several people have made comments on it. One lower school girl said it looked cool and asked if she could feel the fluff on the edges.

Jay’s HOPE hosts family events that help expand their support systems, offer encouragement, alleviate feelings of isolation, and create lasting relationships. They also offer play therapy, where patients and siblings can relax and engage in fun activities, as well as resources, educational services, temporary housing, travel and financial assistance.

All proceeds from Stratford will help give families access to the programs and facilities they desperately need.  

As of early Friday afternoon, the Stratford community had raised $618.05.