Senioritis? I have a few cures


Gazebo Photo by Grant Gordon

I had strep throat at the beginning of this school year. I had a bad stomach virus last year.

I’ve had the flu before. But none of these illnesses can compare to having senioritis.

However, I soon realized I was not still stuck in summer mode. I just had senioritis.”

— Anna Parel

I began noticing the symptoms of senioritis on the second day of school.

My teachers had announced there were going to be tests over summer reading, and I had no motivation to even pick up the books to study.

At first, I thought my brain was still checked out for the summer. However, I soon realized I was not still stuck in summer mode. I just had senioritis.

College is the most important thing on a senior’s mind. The stress and motivation for working go toward college applications.

Schoolwork takes a back seat. As applying to colleges comes to an end, so does the seniors’ stress.

But I think I have a solution to get me through the end. Here are 10 ways to combat senioritis:

  • Watch a funny show. (I recommend The Office) Get your mind off of college applications and schoolwork altogether. Loosen up, then crack down on the schoolwork again.  
  • Countdown the weeks between school breaks. It makes you realize how little time you have left.
  • Buy some extra chocolate chip FLIK cookies and keep them in your book bag. It’ll get you through the school day.
  • Take advantage of senior privileges. Taking a nap during long lunch or going out with friends is a good de-stresser.   
  • Go shopping. (Pretend you have an unlimited budget) Looking for dorm decorations makes you motivated for the upcoming year.  
  • Look through old yearbooks. Start reminiscing about all the good memories from each year at Stratford. (I cried while doing this)
  • Start thinking about your senior project. It’s never too early to start preparing for a fun three weeks.
  • Visit the lower school and pre school. Remember what it was like during the days before you had to worry about taking the SAT.  
  • Spend time with your family. If you have any money left from shopping, take your younger siblings to Marble Slab. (That shows you care. Marble slab is expensive)  
  • Graduate to the next chapter of your life. Look forward to what comes next.