Define a Sagittarius, and that’s me


I was born eight days after my due date, on Nov. 30, 2003. Even if I was born on my due date, I would still be the same zodiac sign, a Sagittarius. Because of this, I believe I am 100 percent a Sagittarius because I always relate to my horoscope.

The personality of a Sagittarius is curious, energetic, and a lover of traveling. All of those things describe me.

The personality of a Sagittarius is curious, energetic, and a lover of travel. All of those things describe me.”

— Bonnie Sherwood

I began reading my daily zodiac horoscope a couple of years ago. I first looked at a horoscope when one of my friends asked me what my zodiac sign was, and I did not know. Then, I began to look more and more into my sign.

The horoscopes really changed how I wanted my day to go. If it said I would have good luck that day, then I would make sure to notice any good thing that happened, so the horoscope would be true.

I recently even began finding my zodiac’s lucky things. I would look for my lucky stone, color, day of the week, and number. If I was picking my jersey number for a sport and recently read on a horoscope that my lucky number was five, then I would pick jersey number five. If I recently read that Thursday would be a good day for me, then I would be very excited for Thursday to come around.

One day I was looking around my horoscope and read that an Aries and Sagittarius are very compatible as best friends. This really made me trust horoscopes because one of my best friends, Camilla Veale, is an Aries and we get along very well. Since this compatibility horoscope was so true, I now look what my relationship should be like with every zodiac sign.

My older sister, Mary Cason Sherwood, and I have a lot in common with our personalities even though we are seven years apart. We both are very outgoing, love meeting new people, and are always down for being the star of the show.

My sister, who turned 22 on Dec. 4, is also a Sagittarius. I have read that a Sagittarius and Sagittarius friendship is super fun but they can end up in debates on what to do. This is very true for our relationship. When I discovered what our relationship should be like according to our zodiac sign, I began to notice a lot more things we have in common and how much we butt heads on decisions.

Since I have discovered horoscopes, I read them every day and find out more about Zodiac signs every day. For example, I now know the spirit animals for an Aries is either a ram or a coyote. I find most of my zodiac facts on Snapchat and Instagram pages. My favorite Snapchat page to look at is named @horoscopes. The Instagram horoscope page I look at the most is @horoscoptic. I look at these accounts at least once a day if not more.

My horoscope for 2019 states that a Sagittarius will have financial success, so I have already planned my shopping trip to American Eagle.