Elf: The Perfect Christmas movie


As soon as December rolls around, there is one thing I am thinking about, besides the presents. I cannot wait to watch “Elf,” my favorite Christmas movie.

Elf is a movie starring Will Ferrell about an elf named Buddy. Buddy moves to New York from the North Pole to find his father.

Buddy is quite the character. Maybe that is what makes the movie so interesting. But Buddy is completely oblivious to real life.

Buddy comes to New York full of hope and excitement, and he does find his father relatively fast.

However, his expectations burst when his father ends up being the complete opposite. His father works in publishing and is a lot more masculine than Buddy.

Below, I have mentioned some cool fast facts about the movie.

— In late 2013, Will Ferrell turned down twenty nine million dollars to make an Elf 2.

The apartment complex where Buddy’s dad, Walter, lived was the same apartment complex used in Ghostbusters.

–Will’s brother, Patrick Ferrell, made a cameo in the movie by playing a security guard at the Empire State Building. —

–Originally, Jim Carrey was going to play Buddy. However, the movie took ten years to put in motion, so the movie ended up not working with his schedule once it came time to start filming.

–Since Buddy eats so much sugar, that means Will Ferrell had to actually eat it himself while filming. He suffered from deliberating migraines and started vomiting various times throughout filming the movie because of Buddy’s poor diet.

–For the scenes featuring baby Buddy, the director originally cast blonde twin boys. However, instead of being happy babies, they cried too much and could not perform as needed. So, they replaced the boys with triplet girls!

–Elf came to Broadway in 2010 and stayed for a year and two months. The first week it premiered the box office counted $1.4 million dollars in ticket sales. Then, it came back again for Christmas in 2012.

–Gimbel’s, the department store used, actually does it exist. It was around for 100 years but closed down in 1988 due to lack of sales. When it was still open, it was a big rival of Macy’s, which is what it is modeled after in the movie.

–Jon Favreau, the director, was the voice of Mr. Narwhal and also Buddy’s doctor.

–Ralphie, the main character in A Christmas Story, also made a cameo in Elf playing an elf.