I am not a fan of ‘springing forward’


Gazebo Photo by Taylor Swan

Evie Tharpe checks the watch to make sure she’s on time

I would consider myself a fairly positive person. I do not hate many things. But, there is one thing I despise — Springing Forward.

For as long as I can remember, I have hated Daylight Savings Time.

I believe my hatred started when I was around 6 or 7 years old. My bedtime was 8 o’clock. This meant that when “spring forward” began, I would be going to sleep when it was light outside. I would always complain to my mom about it, but she didn’t care.

Of course, now I have the opposite problem. It is always a pain to wake up for school in the morning on the first day of the time change. Even though my alarm is set for 7:30, it feels like it is 6:30 when I wake up, and that is way too early for me.

I just do not understand the purpose of it. Why does it matter what time it gets light or dark? Is it really worth messing up the whole world’s sleeping schedule JUST so that the sun will set at 9 p.m. versus 8 p.m.?

Also, if the time change is THAT important, how come some states such Arizona and Hawaii choose not to participate? It is simply unfair.

I will admit, I do enjoy the “fall back.” I mean who doesn’t enjoy sleeping in an extra hour in the morning?

For as long as I can remember, I have hated Daylight Savings Time.

— Evie Tharpe

However, I do not enjoy it enough to make the “spring forward” worth it.

It completely throws off my sleeping schedule, and puts me in a terrible mood for the days to come.

Not to mention, Stratford has no mercy for those who are especially victimized by this.

I mean, the least they could do would be to allow a free tardy pass, or maybe even a late start.

Although it might not seem like it, I actually wake up fairly early in the mornings. But don’t confuse this with me being a morning person, because trust me, I am not.

I have a very specific sleep schedule, and anything or anyone who disturbs it automatically becomes an enemy of mine.

Yes, I know I sound dramatic. But who doesn’t love sleep?

One of the worst parts of spring forward is that you wake up in complete darkness. As a result, not only are you extremely tired, but the dark skies are not doing your attitude any favors.

Even if spring forward cannot be banned completely, why can’t it at least be moved to sometime during June (yes, that is still the spring) when we don’t have school?

Changing the date to the time of year when most people don’t have wake up at the crack of dawn for school would be so much more convenient. In fact, I might even enjoy it in that case.

Overall, I believe that the United States should ban the time changing holidays, because they are unnecessary and miserable.

And if one day someone decides to start a petition, I will be the first to sign it.