Nine new courses added to curriculum


Gazebo Photo by Sabina Ajjan

Mrs. Candace Bridges in the lab with Junior Sara Kate Durkee

Nine new courses will be offered next year. Some of them include Introduction to Theatre, Zoology, Microbiology, World At War, Behavioral Psychology, Persuasive Argument, Advanced Algorithms and Robotics, History of Fiction &  Film, and Community Field-Based Design.

Zoology will be taught by Coach Ross Bridges. Students will learn about the diversity of animals by examining the different phyla and comparing their relationships and structures.

Another new science course is Microbiology. This will replace the Diseases course previously offered here at Stratford and will be taught by Ms. Candace Bridges. This course will be lab-based, and students will learn about microorganisms and how to culture them.

Current Biology and Physiology teacher Ms. Kinsey Peterson will teach Behavioral Psychology next year. In this class, students will study the human mind and how its development with age affects people’s behavior.

A new design class called Community Field-Based Design also will be offered next year. This class will be taught by design teacher Mr. Mike Kelley. It will focus on real-world design throughout Middle Georgia. Students do not need to have taken a design class, and it is graded pass/fail.

Dr. Nick Ercole and Dr. Tom Lolis will be teaching History, Fiction, and Film next year. Students will read a variety of poems, novels, and stories to learn about the way history has been revised and reinterpreted.

World at War is a new history course. It will be taught by Ms. Hollie Wangerin and explore the events of World War Ⅰ and Ⅱ.

Introduction to Theatre will be taught by Ms. Sylvia Haynie. Students will learn the basics of acting, singing, stage terms, and how to write a critique of theatre works. It is offered every four years at Stratford.

A new English elective being taught by Dr. Frank Katz is Persuasive Argument. This course is only offered to seniors and allows them to learn how to defend their side of the argument.

Advanced Algorithms and Robotics is being taught by Mr. Mike McCue. Students should have completed AP Computer Science A before taking this course and will learn how to build a robot that can go across campus. Some topics they will cover are Binary Search Trees and Graphs.